Black men are trading in their dark skin women for lighter shades.

Black men are trading in their dark skin women for lighter shades.
Black men are trading in their dark skin women for lighter shades.

The photo for this article speaks volumes. If a picture is really worth a thousand words then this one is worth a million paragraphs. Four Black men are sitting with their very light partners while the dark skin woman is siting by herself.

Black men are increasingly turning their backs on darker skin sisters but everyone wants to pretend it is not happening. It is easy to say “people can love who they want”. Yes, that statement is very true. However, we should not ignore the psychological reasons behind what is happening.

It has been embedded into the brainwashed Black man’s mind to think that lighter skin women are more beautiful. You could go into any Black neighborhood today and ask who is the most beautiful African-American lady; you will get a list of ladies who are either mixed with European or have bleached their skin and donned wigs and weaves to look European, basically the usual suspects like Halle Berry, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys. You will never see a most beautiful Black women list in the United States with women that look like India Arie or Tracy Chapman.

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This is not only true in the United States but if you look across the water to an island like Jamaica, you will see the same silly behavior. Even though 98% of Jamaica is of African descent, just look at the women they send to the different beauty pageants on a yearly basis and you will get a clear idea of how they view dark skin. It is no wonder the rate of skin bleaching is so high on the island.

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Even the Rastas that claim to be from the school of Marcus Garvey frown upon the darker skin women. Just take a look at who Bob Marley left Rita for or who Rohan Marley left Lauryn Hill for.

So while the picture above is nothing new, it does seem to be getting more rampant. Real beautiful dark skinned women are being left in the cold, all because mainstream media has brainwashed the Black man to believe that lighter is prettier.

The worst thing about the photo above is that those Black men are the same ones criticizing Serena Williams for her engagement to a white man.



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