Jamaican women are the best in bed and dancehall is to blame.

Jamaican women dirty dancing
Jamaican women dirty dancing

Many people frown on the antics that go on in dancehall these days. Some say women in dancehall are not only degrading themselves but they are making Jamaican women look bad.

While hardcore dancehall fans see what they are doing as dancing and having fun, some people have labeled it as “dry humping” or “sex in clothes”. In fact, last year, Marvin the beast, who is one of the most famous dancers on the dancehall scene, was being investigated by the police for sexual assault because of the way he was treating a female on the dance floor.

Now a group of females are claiming that what they do in the dancehall is actually great practice for when they are in the bedroom. “It is not like we are having sex but we are practicing the moves so when we go home to our man we know how to handle ourselves and our men are very pleased,” said Angela who is a regular at Dutty Fridaze, a popular street dance in Jamaica.

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As crazy as these dances might look or sound, women are visiting Jamaica from all over the world to take part in the frenzy. In the video below, Trish, a white young woman from Nebraska visited one of these dances in Kingston, Jamaica but she said it was a little more than she bargained for.

“My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Jamaica and I heard about these street dances and how they can help your sex life. I thought I would go and practice a few moves to take back to the hotel room but the local men were way too rough for me,” Trish said.

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While the dances they may have been rough for Trish, it is perfect for the girls who attend these dances weekly.

“It is not rough at all, just fun. Back in the dutty wine days a girl suffered a broken neck but since then no one gets hurt at all. It is just great dancehall fun.”

Whether it is rough, X-rated or just plain fun, men all over the world agree that Jamaican women are the best in bed, and most agree that dancehall plays a role in the Jamaican women sexual prowess.



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