Vybz Kartel thinks Ninja Man faked his illness.

Ninja Man and Vybz Kartel
Ninja Man and Vybz Kartel

Everything Vybz Kartel does he sets a trend and if someone happens to do what he did after him, they are merely copycats trying to be the next world boss. That is how the mind of Kartel works, kind of like the mind of the fake president of the United States, Donald Trump.

18 Karat Reggae’s contact inside the Horizon Correctional facility where Kartel is serving his life sentence informed us that Vybz Kartel believes that Ninja Man is latest copycat who wants to do what Vybz Kartel did.

A couple months ago Kartel had to be rushed to the hospital because of severe pain from kidney failure. Yesterday, Ninja Man who is in jail while he stands trial for murder also had to be rushed to the hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath.

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According to our source inside the prison, Kartel wasted no time letting the other inmates know that Ninja Man was just copying Kartel and the illness was not real.

“Vybz Kartel get sick and affi get rush to di hospital suh now Ninja a form sick fi dem rush him a hospital to. Everything world boss do they want to do it too,” Kartel told the other inmates, according to the source.
What Kartel might have forgotten is how emotionally stressful it is for one to be going through a murder trial. With Ninja Man’s freedom on the line, the Don Gorgon is under a lot of emotional stress and what he went through yesterday is a symptom of stress.

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Chest pain is frightening because it can mean a heart attack or other physical problem. Fortunately, it doesn’t always mean you have a serious health condition. You may just be under too much emotional stress, and your mental state is manifesting itself physically.

Stress and anxiety have other physical effects beyond chest pain. They can cause shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle tension, fast heartbeat and stomach problems.

So Kartel has it wrong. Not everyone wants to be like him and in Ninja’s case what he went through yesterday is perfectly normal for someone going through what he is going through.



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