Was Rand Paul beaten up by gay lover?

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, was assaulted at his home of Friday and everyone is being very hush about exactly what took place, except to say that Paul knew his attacker.

House and Senate lawmakers being threatened with violence or in the case of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-LA, actually becoming victims of violence, has become the norm since Donald Trump took over the presidency.

However, in the attack against Paul, one of his senior aides who asked to remain anonymous as he was not permitted to speak on the matter, said politics was definitely not the motivation for the attack. So what was the motive for the attack? Those who know won’t tell and those who would tell don’t know. At least that is the way it seems.

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This huge hush around the attack has caused online forums to go wild with a lot of people speculating what could be the motive for the attack.

Despite the fact that Paul is married with three children, that did not stop some from wondering if the attack was driven by a gay relationship gone wrong.

The Republican party has painted itself has been staunchly anti-homosexual but over the years it has its fair share of politicians who were caught in homosexual situations. Mark Foley, Larry Craig and Mike Yenni should immediately come to mind.

So could Paul who once said that former president Barack Obama couldn’t “get any gayer” be gay himself?
Well, when it comes to homosexuality, Paul has been very conservative as he is on most other issues but so were the above names that were later found out to have homosexual tendencies.

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Whatever was the reason for the attack, it is fair to assume that a man did not just randomly walk up on Paul and hit him for no reason. We know now that the attack was not politically motivated.

Is it a case of domestic violence between two gay lovers? Only time will tell.



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