Former Miss Universe | Alicia Machado is not Trumping for her former boss Donald Trump!

Alicia Machado – Former Miss Universe –  (the woman Hillary Clinton spoke of in the 1st CNN Presidential debate on Sep.26.2016) is making the media rounds telling America why Trump is not fit for president… “The same Donald Trump that I know in 1997 is the same Donald I see running for president now”…she tells CNN.


She is stumping for Hillary instead of her former boss. Hillary Clinton made the point on debate night that Alicia is now an American Citizen, capable of voting insuating Trump will not get her vote.


Alicia tells a troubling story of Donald Trump publicly insulting her about her weight gain and calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping (a stereotypical view of Hispanic women! Trump went as far as supervisory her workout sessions in effort to have her drop the few pounds she had gained.


The video summarizes her experience reveals yet again an obnoxious masoginic Trump!




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