Rapper Eve defends Serena Williams’ decision to marry a white man.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Rapper and actress, Eve, has come out swinging in defense of Serena Williams’s decision to marry a white man.

A lot of people are angry that Serena is engaged to Alexis Ohanian who is white but Eve is having none of that.
The Pitbull in a skirt, who is herself married to a white man was upset at people throwing shades at Serena and called out their double standards.

“I said it in 2013 and here I am in 2017 having to say it again, Black men have been marring white women for years and there is no problem. So why the fuss when a Black woman marries a white man?” the rapper asks.

“I mean, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are two children deep in their marriage and no one has a problem, so why is Serena being given the same hell I was given,” the rapper continues.

Serena Williams recently got engaged to Alexis Ohanian over the holidays while the two were on a romantic vacation. No wedding date has been revealed to the public as yet.



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