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90’s Dancehall (Banana Man) Son -“Forming my own Empire, The New Sound Killer”

Dancehall/ Reggae Artist's children are getting older, some following the footsteps of their parents are starting to breakthrough to the mainstream.

Dancehall/ Reggae Artist’s children are getting older, some following the footsteps of their parents are starting to breakthrough to the mainstream.

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Banana Man a Dancehall “Sing Jay” who was most present in the 80’s & 90’s recording for labels including King Jammys, Firehouse & more left behind more than his music, a son Dre Kannon who currently resides in Ireland who say’s in an interview that he has been making music since the age of 16. The same goes for Elephant man a legend in his own right. Ele Trunk the son of Elephant Man who came up off the controversy story about his father not being in his life says in an interview with Winford even said that he is forming his own empire.

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Dre Kannon has released songs over the years on a journey to master his craft and carry on his fathers legacy.

His latest music releases are remixes to some popular artists music like Drake, Tyga & PARTYNEXTDOOR including originals he produced. Dre’ stated that he has been involved in music production and marketing since his mid teens and proud of his 1st music getting played on radio and clubs in Ireland and Jamaica.

2016 was a rocky year for the rising artist as he went through some changes in his life with family, friends and the music business. Earlier in the year he was faced with the decision of who to take with him on his musical journey as he faced the ups and downs that comes with the ever changing music industry. Dre’ stated that “at one point I had a lot of people around when things are good, when things go bad everyone slowly started to disappear so I had to allow the changes to take its course so my ship can sail”.

Since then Dre’ Kannon has re-branded and changed his image and plans to make an even bigger impact in 2017. His new label Metromixx was launched July and since then has reached hundreds of thousands of listeners online.

Dre – ” My plan is to create my own name and stay in my lane, my music is not the usual Dancehall I make my music the way I like it and speak whats in my heart. Not being in Jamaica makes it a bit difficult but I still got my accent.”

Here are some of Dre’ Kannon’s latest releases…




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