Bob Marley’s estate is being Sued by Royal Palm Filmworks!

Bob Marley's estate is being sued by Royal Palm Filmworks

Bob Marley’s estate is being sued by Royal Palm Filmworks, an entity behind a project currently titled Rebels. According to the complaint filed on Friday in California federal court, “Rebels will depict Marley and certain incidents in his life in the context of a trans-formative fictional and artistic work protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Marley will be portrayed by an actor performing a role. Rebelswill not include photos and depiction of Marley when living or actual motion picture photography embodying Marley as a living being.”

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Royal Palm Filmworks says it gained rights to the life story of Danny Sims, a Marley producer, and claims that the estate is interfering with its use and exploitation of its property. Specifically, the plaintiff says it has been threatened on privacy and publicity grounds as well as its alleged use of Marley copyrights and trademarks. Royal Palm seeks declaratory relief.



It seems like for the Marleys, you can write about them as long as your opinion of them is all good. If you have an opinion that they feel is unfavorable, however, they will target and come after you and that is what they have been doing to 18 Karat Reggae recently.

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