Marijuana Strains That Will Boost Your Creativity Level Sky High.

Nowadays, more and more people are using cannabis. Everybody uses it for different reasons, some of us get balanced, others simply want to get high and enjoy the highness, others for medicine, lots of us for studying and so on. It makes our lives better! A decent indica strain helps you relax while sativa can uplift your cerebral effects helping to enhance the thought process. Writers, artists, and musicians understand anything that helps the creative process is worth trying. We have provided you couple of strains which boost your creativity. Some time in life if you get stacked with some job or a mental block try one of these strains and you have your issue done!

Space Queen

This strain has a very fruity aroma, with a hint of sweet pineapple. There is some definite spiciness and woodsiness to the buds, presumably from the Romulan. When you just here the name Space Queen which means it will orbiting you outer space, but it actually delivers a strong sativa head-high, with a smooth, clean let down. According to us this strain can boost your creativity in a deep way, which means if you want to understand more about the existence of the world, why we exist and so on.

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Green Crack

This strain provides an extremely energetic (almost overpowering) head-high that will have you bouncing off the walls (figuratively, not literally). You become so active and aware, The name comes from the energy boost many users experience after smoking it, this is a enormous strain to boost creativity. Especially Green Crack helps you if you’re in a hurry to get a something done, try smoking it and you’ll be sure to complete the task right on time!

Jack Herer

Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain, by using this makes you able to create and have clear-headed buzz coupled with a boost of focused energy. Brings you an immediate smile to your face and relieve any stress you feel building up inside of you. Jack Herer is so good to start a day off with even to start a new year.

Durban Poison

So popular strain, especially the most of its use is occurring in Collorado. For beginners it seems so strong that’s why it is not to good to start your Cannabis journey with this strain, while for true stoners this can send users to wonderland and gently bring them back again, all while they create some of their best job.

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By using this strain which keeps your highness long and offers a unique creative experience. Ak-47 makes you stay focused, plus when you finish your job you will enjoy and relax so much and after that a deep nap.

Sour Diesel

Probably you all have tried this strain but for the ones which did not, it delivers just the right amount of energy to get the day going. Nice aroma and wakes the senses up, you won’t make any mistake because you become so patient and creative.

Which is the best creativity-boosting strain for you?



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