The best dancehall artists are ugly, according to Pamputtae.

Shabba Ranks and Vybz Kartel
Shabba Ranks and Vybz Kartel

Female dancehall artist, Pamputtae, who once made silly statements to suggest that Blacks are only beautiful if they are mixed with some other ethnicity, is at it again.

This time the Slim versus Fluffy singer is claiming that the foundation of dancehall is made up of ugly people.

“The foundation of dancehall is ugly people. Look at Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, Yellowman, Ninja Man and Alkaline”.
While she did not specify which versions of Vybz Kartel and Alkaline she considers ugly, we assume she means the Black version as in her twisted mind, being brown means being beautiful.

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Her statements are not shocking as in the past she criticized the “No make-up” movement started by Alicia Keys, as she claimed that Black people who are not mixed needed make-up to fix them up.

“Mi would neva stop wearing make-up because remember, my mother neva tek a pretty coolie man with straight nose and dem something there, so me haffi fix up,” said Pamputtae.

The sad thing is, this kind of thinking by Paputtae is pretty common in Jamaica which is one of the reasons skin bleaching has become so common on the island, even in men.



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