Did Michael Jackson and Jane Fonda have sex?

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Michael Jackson and Jane Fonda
Michael Jackson and Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has just revealed to the public what many people did not know. She and Michael Jackson were not only very good friends, but they also lived together for a while.

However, Jane Fonda failed to mention if they were friends with benefits. She did not mention if Michael Jackson used to mow her lawn. She did mention that she and Michael Jackson went skinny dipping. Now most men living with a woman and going skinny dipping, you wouldn’t have to ask if sex was involved but Michael Jackson was not a regular man. Had Jane Fonda gone skinny dipping with Richard Prior or Bill Cosby, then it is a given that she would have gone Black.

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Jane Fonda told the Hollywood Reporter about the great times she and Michael Jackson had together. “We lived together. I went skinny dipping with him”, Fonda said.

Only Jane know how far Michael Jackson got on their escapades, had it been most other Black men, we can rest assure, Jane Fonda would have gotten that ass tapped.



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