A New World Boss is rising; meet Eagle Boss

Eagle Boss
Eagle Boss

Talented, dedicated and hard- working are words that can be used to describe young veteran Fabian Hamilton known to the public as Eagle Boss. Hailing from the garden parish of St. Ann in Jamaica, Fabian Hamilton was born on July 25, 1987 to parents Monica Hamilton and Linsford Hamilton. He went on to attend the Brown’s Town Primary and High School where he was a member of the music club, writing songs, playing musical instruments such as the drums and based guitar.

Eagle started doing music at the age of sixteen. He has recorded at studio such as Rebel T, One Nation and Exclusive Records. He is passionate about music and specializes in the genre of reggae and dancehall.

In 2003 he graduated from Browns Town High, relocated to Central Village Spanish Town where he started his career in the music industry. Facing the struggles of becoming a recording artiste in this large industry Eagle was faced with a lot of disappointment and negativity hence he started working at Jalex Manufacturing in Spanish Town while attending the Bins Business College where he studied Computer Science.

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In 2005 he resigned from his job at Jalex to focus on his music career fulltime. He started working with Exclusive records, that’s when he realized the music industry was not as easy as he thought, his struggles had just began, but being as persistent as he was he didn’t give up, he continued pushing himself despite the struggles and disappointments he encountered, his love of music kept him motivated.

In 2015 his musical journey landed him a contract at 5stars Recording Inc. where he is currently assigned to. With the hard work and dedication of the team Eagle believe that he will be dancehall’s next sensation.

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“People love mi work but rite now, mi nuh see mi self-start work as yet. Where Bob Marley and Peter Tosh dem put the ting a deh so mi want reach and further inna life” he explained.

This artist has no limitation of what to be expected of him so embrace yourself for this intriguing artist as he has a lot to offer in the music industry.



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