Dancehall Reggae Fraternity saddened for Ninja Man.

The entire dancehall fraternity is in shock and disbelief today, some are still wondering if they are dreaming or if it is happening for real. Fans, fellow entertainers, producers, promoters and sound system operators are al saddened by what has happened to Ninja Man.

The St. Mary born deejay was found guilty of murder. His attorney, Valrie Neita-Robertson, tried to comfort the fans by saying she will appeal the verdict as she believes in her client’s innocence.

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“I will definitely appeal…That is the problem when you have a seven-member jury instead of 12…but Jamaica accepts anything. Every other civilized country has 12 jurors,” she told 18 Karat Reggae.

Vegas is one Ninja’s fellow entertainers who is taking the guilty verdict news very hard.

“It is really sad as Ninja Man is one of the greatest on a musical level. The system set a way, so one has to be careful what they put out in the universe, as it will come back to haunt you,” the singjay posted online.

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The sentencing day for the Ninja is December 15 and he faces a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Considering that Ninja Man is now 51 years old, is life as a deejay could possibly be over, at least where live performances are concerned.



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