5 Positive Effects of Cannabis which has never been announced in the Media.

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1. Cannabis does not worsen the symptoms of the psychotic people!

When a tragedy occurs, which is caused by mental deranged people, such as murders, violent attacks and so on; the Media often announce that the consequences are from overdose of drugs. However, some investigations has shown that the people with Alzheimer or some other illnesses like schizophrenia; did not happen from using marijuana but opposite it is proven that marijuana reduces death rates among these populations. The analyses were made by scientists from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kiel, a team from the University of Maryland and Inje University in Korea.

2. The Legalization of marijuana reduces the incidents of suicide

Suicide is a complex issue in our real world, which many people have it into themselves. But the marijuana is taking care of it and this will be reduced in couple of years. A research was investigated by Montana State University and the State University of San Diego, which found a link between the process of legalizing marijuana and fall the rate of suicides, particularly among men between 20 and 39 years.

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3. The marijuana is less harmful to the lungs than the cigarettes

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco found out that occasional marijuana smokers have better lung function than those who smoke regular cigarettes.

4. The relation between marijuana use and traffic accidents is negligible

Although there is a tendency associated with cannabis and accidents occurring by driving, the fact is that this relation is almost nonexistent. According to analysis by an academic at the University of Aalborg and the Institute of Transport Economics in Oslo data, marijuana increases only 1.06% probability of an accident, for example, 2.96% to cocaine 4.46% to amphetamines.

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5. The Marijuana has medicinal properties

For some of you this sounds a bit strange and you still doubt the healing properties of cannabis. Please don’t! Marijuana is known since ancient times, as an analgesic in case of pain originating from neuropathy, for the treatment of spasticity (muscle contraction) associated with sclerosis and also as therapeutic support of other diseases.

Remember this, Marijuana is Safe. Do not doubt! Support it! Legalize it!



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