Rihanna to quit Marijuana smoking as she prepares to get pregnant.

Rihanna smoking marijuana
Rihanna smoking marijuana

Rihanna wants to be a mother like her friend Beyoncé and rappers Cardi B and Remy Ma. In preparation for this life-changing event, the pop diva is planning to quit smoking marijuana.

Unlike cigarettes, marijuana smoking has not been proven to pose any health risk to pregnant women but Rihanna is not taking any chances.

According to sources close to the 31-year-old, Rihanna really wants to be a mother and is making the necessary changes to do so.

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“She is a changed woman, and she can’t wait to be a mom. She also wants to show her boyfriend that she’s serious about becoming a mom by dialing back on her marijuana smoking,” the source said.

Rihanna has been known as a heavy marijuana smoker over the years. Like reggae singer, Mr. Bertus, said in the unedited version of his song Ganja 4 life, “Rihanna smokes more marijuana than Bob Marley in the past and Snoop Dogg in the present.”

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All of that marijuana smoking would be coming to an abrupt end, however.



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