100-year-old woman smoking marijuana for 90 years.

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woman smoking
woman smoking

We first ran this story over 5 years ago and now 100-year-old, Melita Gordon, who has been smoking marijuana for 90 years, is still going strong. And yes, even though she has a different doctor now, he is still encouraging encouraging her not to quit.

She now lives Maroon Town, Jamaica, and celebrated her 100th birthday back in May.

Miss Gordon has no intention of quitting a habit that has stayed with her for a major portion of her life, smoking marijuana. Even with the protestation of her children and other relatives, the senior citizen insists that her life is not going up in smoke.

Listen Miss Gordon’s favorite song below:

The diminutive Gordon, who stands at four feet, eight inches, reinforced her point by relating the view of her medical practitioner that her journey to 100 would have been cut short had she thrown down her loyal pipe and marijuana long ago.
“When mi go a doctor him say him nah tell mi fi stop smoke marijuana, because if mi stop, him a go lose mi,” Gordon told 18 Karat Reggae.

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Gordon, who is from Falmouth in Trelawny, became hooked on the habit of smoking marijuana when she was “baptized” in the practice by her parents, Michelle Jones and Richard Gordon, both of whom smoked marijuana.

She would serve as the designated lighter by the time she was approaching age 10.
But she was having her own smoking episodes, outside of the knowledge of her biological elders.

“A because mi start light the weed fi dem why mi start smoke,” Gordon explained.
All through elementary school she continued smoking marijuana and when she started having her nine children, seven of whom are still alive, there was no letting up.
Even while she sold wares outside Maldon Primary School and worked at times at the now closed Maroon Town banana boxing plant, she became known as the pipe lady who pulled no punches in defense of her habit.

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Strangely, her husband of over 50 years, Manuel Gordon, was one who stayed far from marijuana.

“Him never smoke at all, the only thing him do was drink beer, but him never try force mi fi stop,” she told 18 Karat Reggae of the man who died eight years ago after making it to age 100 years, six months and 12 days.

There is no special reason for her being hooked on marijuana, although she will readily admit that smoking marijuana relaxes her and helps her to think more clearly.

With pressure mounting from family members, including her daughter with whom she lives, to quit, she has proposed a compromise by reducing her smoking to once a day, a far cry from when she would smoke marijuana all day long.



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    • I don’t blame her, if she attributes longevity to the “pipe”, I say go for it. When you become a senior citizen, you should be able to do whatever floats your boat!

  1. I don’t have anything against the woman. I just found an inconsistency in this article. I mean, how could she and her husband share the same last name? Her parents are Gordon, too.

  2. Cuban cigar lol passing false witness already n don’t know her. Jamaicans roll in tobacco leaf n Bob Marley rolled spliffs longer than that. Real spliffs you need two hands to hold. I know a man that can roll with his Palm on his leg n that spliff was so neat you would thought he brought it rolled up. It’s true weed is an healing plant if used correctly. I always knew it be legalize once the government found a way to get their share of it.

  3. You never hear bout royalty?
    On the serious side, they could be related but they don’t have to be. It could be just coincidence. Why you see inconsistency?

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