Al Sharpton is not the villain white America says he is.

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Colin Kaepernick speaks out about George Floyd's murder
Colin Kaepernick speaks out about George Floyd's murder

I have not listened to or read everything Al Sharpton has ever said. From what I have heard or read though, I have never heard or read where he refers to himself as the leader or one of the leaders of the Black Community. Likewise, I have never heard one single Black person referring to Al Sharpton as their leader. Yet, I cannot count the amount of Whites I see referring to Sharpton as the “Leader of the Black Community”. I don’t disagree with the leadership title though; I think Sharpton is not only a leader, but one that the Black Community should proudly support. I don’t see Sharpton as the racist and trouble maker label that so many including some Blacks with an agenda to please whites have given to him.

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I see Al Sharpton as an activist who stands up and risk his life for the Black cause (he was actually stabbed during one of his protest marches). I see Sharpton as a man who will stand up when an unarmed Black man is mercilessly murdered on his wedding day. I see Sharpton as the man to seek justice when racist cops pretend they don’t know the difference between a wallet and a gun and fire 43 shots at an unarmed Black man killing him instantly. I see Sharpton as a leader who stands up when their young Black sons are murdered for wearing a hoodie in the rain and eating skittles.

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I know some of you reading are now saying “yes, but what about Tawana Brawley?” So what? Maybe he acted too quickly in the Tawana Brawley case and should have gathered more facts. That does not cancel all the great work the man has done in pursuit of justice.

To Blacks who jump on the bandwagon and degrade Al Sharpton, I would say to you; when will you start standing up against injustices the way Sharpton does?



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