American patriotism is false, fictitious and fake.

American Patriotism
American Patriotism

So-called American patriotism is a lie. It is a big lie to justify oppression of non-white people within and outside of her borders.  It is a blatant ploy to conceal hatred much the same way the KKK uses white sheets to cover their disgusting faces.

Patriotism in and of itself is a great thing.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having love and devotion to one’s country; in fact, it should be encouraged.  That love for country, however, should never trump the love for humanity, the love for justice, the love for equal rights, the love for peace and the love for love.  In America, the word “patriotism” tastes like shit when spoken.  Only idiots, morons and dotards would put patriotism above another man’s basic rights and that is exactly what is happening in America today.

Patriotism should rule when you are at the Olympics, the World Cup, the Miss Universe Pageant, the Davis cup, the Penn relay and other such events.  Patriotism should have zero say in the quest for justice and humanity.

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How can anyone in their right mind put patriotism above humanity? How can a man see his brother suffering great injustices but will not join his brother in protesting said injustice because it interferes with your patriotism?  Isn’t that a sign of great mental sickness? Are you so patriotic that you can’t stand, sing, kneel or march against injustice with your brothers and sisters?  Or do you not consider those with a darker skin shades to be your brothers and sisters?

Make no mistake about it; all these extreme patriots running around in America are nothing but oppressors, plain and simple. Now you have the oppressors trying to tell the oppressed that they are using the wrong methods to tackle oppression.  In the oppressors’ minds, the only right way to resist or bring attention to oppression is to not make said oppressors uncomfortable.

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Reggae artiste, Sizzla, has a song where he said, “It won’t spill until it is filled”, so one has to wonder; what will happen when the oppressed have had enough and just can’t take anymore, what will these oppressors in their patriotic disguises do when everything stat to spill?

Be patriotic but put common sense above your patriotism, otherwise you are only using patriotism as an excuse to keep your bothers and sisters oppressed.  Bothers and sisters in humanity that is.





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