Will Hope Hicks join the #MeToo Movement?

Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks

With Hope Hick’s resignation from her position as the white house’s communication director, Donald Trump has become more beleaguered than ever. Many are wondering if Trump can survive without his emotional crutch that Hicks had become. We at 18 Karat Reggae are wondering if Hicks will join the long list of women who have gone public with the emotional and sexual abuse they have endured from the hands of powerful men. Will Hope Hicks be the next famous woman to join the #MeToo movement?

If you study Donald Trump and his perverse comments over the years, then look at Hicks with her zero political experience in the position that she was in, it is difficult to imagine that she was never forced or coerced to offer Trump some sexual favors. We are not saying that she slept her way to the top or that she stooped to conquer, but knowing what we know about Trump, it is hard to imagine that his relationship with Hicks was always professional.
We have seen how Donald drooled over his own daughter, Ivanka, both on the Howard Stern show and the view. Donald never hid the fact that he was sexually attracted to Ivanka and would date her if she was not his daughter. In fact some of the cringe worthy photos that Donald has taken with Ivanka could be used in some online porn categories, like “Teenage girl satisfies elderly orange hair man.”

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Hope Hicks, like Ivanka, was a former model and by European standards is very beautiful. So are we to believe that Donald never got attracted to Hicks the way he was attracted to his own daughter?

Donald Trump has made it clear that he loves to grab women by their private parts. Hope Hicks admitted to congress that she has told white lies to protect Trump over the years. When you get an old, perverted, powerful and wealthy man in a room with a young, impressionable and beautiful lady who has no problem compromising her integrity, chances are something creepy or sexy depending on the angle you look at it, is going on.

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So now that Hicks is no longer under the clutch of Trump, will she try to salvage what decency she has left and expose Donald as a sexual deviant? Will she join the numerous women who have accused Donald of sexual misconduct? Will she join the countless celebrities who after years of keeping it hidden are now coming out to expose powerful men in Hollywood who have abused them?

If Hicks decide to go public with her story who would get it? Will it be the New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox and Friends or CNN? Of course we at 18 Karat Reggae would love to get that story. We want to know how many times Donald Trump grabbed Hope Hicks’ pussy and how man white lies she told Rob Porter to cover it up.



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