Beyoncé vs. Adele: Who is the bigger diva right now?

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Adele and Beyonce
Adele and Beyonce

Adele and Beyoncé are both on top of their games. They are both doing their thing, doing it well and doing it on their own. Neither of the two needs the other to enhanced their success. Recently when news broke that Beyoncé had requested a collaboration with Adele, which the British superstar turned down, the music world was turned upside down.

How dare Adele to turn down queen Bey, some pondered. While others said, she did the right thing as Beyoncé just wanted to take away the spotlight from Adele.

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Adele has now come forward to deny that she rejected Beyonce, although she never went into any details on whether or not Beyonce really approached her for a duet.

“There is a rumour going around that I turned Beyoncé down,” Adele told 18 Karat Reggae.

“Just to clear up, I would never be so disrespectful. I would never disrespect her like that. I’m such a fan, oh my God,”

Adele said. “Obviously, Queen Bey to the day I die,” she continued.

Many people are saying that Tasha Trendy’s cover of Hello is actually better than the original by Adele. Listen and see if you agree:

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When singers do a duet it actually helps the lesser of the two singers more. So it is difficult to say who a duet would help more betweeen Beyonce and Adele. They are both excellent.



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  1. I believe both styles are different beyonce is an entertainer and Adele is a vocalist to me there is no comparison but I do believe that maybe Beyonce wants to share the spotlight because right now adele is on top

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