10-year-old girl to have an abortion.

10-year-old girl to have an abortion
10-year-old girl to have an abortion

The request for an abortion was moved to a local district court Tuesday because the girl was more than 20 weeks’ pregnant. There was long-term abuse, police say after suspecting her child might be pregnant, the mother, a migrant laborer from the impoverished state of Bihar, took the girl to a doctor.

Once confirmed, the girl told her mother the accused who is also her paternal uncle had been sexually assaulting her, according to local media reports. Police said there were no official records of the child’s birth date. “The victim is 10 years old but may be one or two years older,” Pankaj Nain, superintendent of Rohtak police, said.

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“The stepfather has been arrested and is in jail. The victim has been given counseling and necessary medical care, and her statement was recorded before a magistrate,” Nain said.

The abuse “had been going on for years,” he added.



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