Men are emotionally inferior to women.

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Men are emotionally inferior to women
Men are emotionally inferior to women

*** The following was written by the author of “Black Passenger, Yellow Cab”, it does not reflect the view of 18 Karat Reggae. It was in response to why more men commit suicide than women when relationships go bad.***

It basically boils down to this; men are weaker than women, men are emotionally inferior to women. So while a man, especially chauvinistic Jamaican man, thinks its ok for him to go do his thing, he cant handle it if the woman is having an affair. So he flips and kill himself or go on some shooting spree.

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This is directly related to the inferior emotional quotient of men, leaving us with maladaptive coping mechanism. Its also somewhat athropologically accounted for, not justified, mind you. Men can’t deal with the fact that theres a possibility of thier women perpetuating the DNA of some other man. Which is why after the woman has an affair, the man’s sperm count increases during sex with her, this is nature’s way of ensuring that his sperm fertilizes her eggs.

I used to be among those men, the typical primitive. especially Jamaican men but thanks to therapy, education and travel I’ve evolved. Now if I were to come home and finde some dude pleasuring himself and my wife, I would turn that rage into arousal and join them. in fact my wife and I have been physically seperated for 1 year and 8 months and I actively encourage her to have sex with other men, hell, she’s human

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So it all boils down the emotional weakness of men.



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