The Best Off-Court Moments in Tennis.


Off-Court action can sometimes steal the show from the tennis scores. Read now about some of the best such moments. The 2017 tennis season has ended and now it’s time to do some reflection on what this noble sport has offered us over the years. And it was a full year, both in terms of competitions and in terms of spectacular or dramatic events that happened both on the court and off it. OddsDigger brings you a list of the best moments that happened off the court in the tennis world.

Victoria Azarenka Pregnancy

After a great season with main highlight being the double win at Miami and Indian Wells in 2016, Vika as she is nicknamed by the fans, made the official announcement. She is bound to take a sabbatical from the sport that made her famous and rich because she is pregnant. She was away for only a year and got back in competitions in 2017 after giving birth to a beautiful, happy and healthy little boy. The birth announcement came directly from the tennis player through a social media post.

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Maria Sharapova Being Banned for Doping

The news first came through a BBC tennis report and it shocked everyone. After a great season with some really good tennis rankings for Sharapova, she was banned after some doping test returned positive for a heart disease drug that she was on since 2006 but was only added on the banned starting 2016. Right after the US Open tennis tournament has ended, the Russian player received the news that she will have to stay out of the game for an undetermined period. This suspension lead to some very interesting changes in the tennis rankings as she also lost all her WTA points. Also, the impact of Maria being banned from tennis lead to some interesting tennis results as well, with competitors being able to play far easier matches against less-prepared players. This has lead to a great need of good tennis betting tips that fans accessed in order to check out the new favorites.

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Rafael Nadal Being Forced to Withdraw from Rolland Garros 2016

Even though the tennis rankings gave him as favorite for winning the French Open, Nadal’s trajectory for the tournament was dramatically altered by an injury that started to act up on him. During a press conference that was also transmitted on BBC tennis, the Spanish player announced that the problems he has with the wrist are forcing him to quite the Rolland Garros and left fans disappointed for not being able to see their favorite player’s tennis results.



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