Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, says he never dated a Black woman and probably never will.

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Patrick Mahomes and girlfriend Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes and girlfriend Brittany Matthews

Patrick Mahomes the MVP for Super Bowl 54 is riding high after becoming the youngest player in history to win both a Super Bowl and the MVP award. The Kansas City Chiefs could be seeing the beginning of a dynasty as both Mahomes and his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, say they love Kansas City and plan to be there for a very long time and has already bought a house there.

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“Setting down roots in Kansas City was huge for us,” Mahomes explained to The Source Sports. “I think the people are what we love the most about Kansas City. They have such a passion for the community, the food, the football team and they treat us just like we’ve been here our whole entire life. We’re trying to be here for a long, long time. That was the biggest thing of getting the house is we plan on being here for 20 years-plus.”

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When asked if he plans to marry and build a family with his girlfriend, Mahomes said there was not the slightest doubt of that.

“She is my first girlfriend, she has been my only girlfriend and if it is up to me, she will continue to be my one and only,” Mahomes said.

So all the Black women who were hoping to be the next Ciara by marrying a Super Bowl winning Black quarterback, you will have to look elsewhere.

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After the Super Bowl victory, Brittany also made it clear that she is not giving up on her man. Even when the going was tough and the Chiefs fell behind the 49ers, she never doubted that her man would come out victorious.

Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend
Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend

“Let me tell y’all ONE THING, do not ever count #15 out!!!!!!!! #chiefskingdom…DO NOT EVER EVER COUNT US OUT…THAT MY FRICKINNNNN MAN,” Matthews tweeted.

As for marriage, the two know that it is in their future but they have no concrete plans as yet.



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