Soulja Boy vows to take revenge for Rihanna by knocking out Chris Brown.

Soulja Boy and Rihanna
Soulja Boy and Rihanna

Soulja Boy has declared that he will get justice for Rihanna when he fights Chris Brown in March. The rapper can’t stand men who beat up on women and vows that he will knock Brown out for beating up Rihanna. This is despite the fact that Rihanna has made it clear that she believes Chris Brown will win the fight

Soulja Boy posted the following on Twitter: “I’m doing it for Rihanna. That was fucked up how he beat her ass like that smh.” He continued to write, “After I knock Chris brown out I’m going to crank that Soulja boy and super man in the ring on his stupid ass.”

Soulja Boy is being trained by Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the upcoming fight while Chris Brown is being trained by Mike Tyson. There were rumors that Rihanna is the one who begged Mike to train Chris Brown but her camp has denied the rumor and said it was 50 Cent who reached out to Tyson to train Brown.



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