Did Bob Marley use cocaine?

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In a recent interview by reggae great, Big Youth, the Rasta elder seems to alleged that Bob Marley meddled in cocaine snorting. The interview conducted by I Never Knew TV centered on the prince of reggae, Dennis Brown, but also touched on others like Marley and Gregory Isaacs.

While there have been whispers of Marley’s cocaine use in the past, Big Youth is the first reggae artist to mention it, at least in public. While talking about how bad influence led many artists to hard drugs, Big Youth said, “…so Marley used to play the ball”, referring to cocaine.

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He went on to say that cocaine use in the reggae community was done under the hush and quoted the following lyrics from Gregory Isaacs as referring to the undercover cocaine users in reggae:

Some guys think they are slick
Good morning Mr. Hide and lick
Some guys think they are smart
Good morning Mr. hide and snort

Watch the Big Youth interview below:

Years ago when Iron Lion Zion was released, many interpreted the song to be about Marley’s use of cocaine, specifically when he sung:

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Am on the rock
And then I make a stop
I had to run like a fugitive
Just to save the life I live

With all the marijuana that Bob Marley smoked, it seems inconceivable that he would actually find time for cocaine.



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