Was Alkaline’s arrest a publicity stunt like his tattooed eyes?


Dancehall Reggae fans are wondering if the recent arrest of top deejay Alkaline was a publicity stunt orchestrated by his management team. Jamaican entertainers have become notorious for pulling the most ridiculous of stunts in the name of publicity. These stunts are something that Alkaline and his team are used to as for well over a year the vendetta boss wore an eye tattoo while swearing to fans, the media and the whole wide world that he got his eyes tattooed. The deejay even went on Onstage and claimed that he flew in a doctor from the United States to do the tattoo job.

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If you think about it, it does not take a lot of work to get the police to bring you into the station for questioning or even keeping you for a few days. Alkaline could have easily had someone call or go to the police and say, “Alkaline the deejay, had a part to play in the crime that was committed on such and such a date, time and place”. If that person making the report to the police sounded credible, then the lawmen would have no choice but to bring in Alkaline for questioning.

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According to the police, the asked Alkaline 100 questions and his answer to all the questions were simply, “I am not guilty of any crime.”

While the public is not privy to why the police called in Alkaline for questioning, one thing is for certain; if it was a publicity stunt set up by Alkaline and his team, it worked just like his claimed tattooed eyes worked.



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