Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s fling is a sham to sell records.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez
Drake and Jennifer Lopez

If age is just a number then it would seem like 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 30-year-old Drake are a perfect match for each other in the entertainment industry. They both change intimate partners more often than president-elect Donald Trump tweets. So it was no surprise to hear of the romantic hookup between the two.

It turns out, however, that the hookup between the two is not what it seems. An insider has revealed that the romantic relationship is a sham and just a publicity stunt to sell music.

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“This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together. If Jennifer and Drake were really dating, they’d be way more private about it,” the insider said.

Drake is still on the rebound from an intimate affair with Rihanna while there has been rumor that J Lo was flirting around with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“Doesn’t Drake realize that it looks weird to declare his love for RiRi at the MTV awards, then start flaunting his chemistry with J.Lo a few months later?” the source asked.

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t does seem that Drizzy has moved on from Rihanna though, and may have even thrown some shade at her over New Year’s.

According to a Las Vegas reporter, during the rapper’s set at Hakkasan nightclub in Vegas he began playing Rihanna’s “Work,” but soon declared that the song was “an old vibe.” He then had the DJ cut the record short.



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