Instead of clowning Jay Z, 50 Cent should remember Sean Kingston.

Jay Z 50 Cent Sean Kingston
Jay Z 50 Cent Sean Kingston

50 Cent had a great time clowning Jay Z for jet skiing with a helmet on. The Queens Rapper Instagram followers were more than eager to strap him on.

Apparently 50 Cent and his fans forgot what happened to fellow rapper Sean Kingston a few years ago.

In 2011, Sean Kingston was involved in a Jet Ski accident that left him in critical condition and fighting for his life. The then 21-year-old was rushed to a Miami Beach hospital after he hit a bridge connecting Palm Island with the MacArthur Causeway while driving a jet ski. Kingston was treated in a trauma ward, due to the severity of his injuries.

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No one knows if a helmet would have prevented the severity of the injuries Sean Kingston sustained but in general people wearing helmets in accidents are normally less injured than those without helmets.

So instead of laughing and ridiculing Jay Z, let’s thank him for being a great example.
People look up to celebrities and it is great to see that a celebrity is sending the right message to young people of important wearing a helmet is.



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