Rapper from Love & Hip Hop shot in the head.

Rapper SAS from Love & Hip hop was shot in the head
Rapper SAS from Love & Hip hop was shot in the head

Sometimes it seems like violence and the rap culture goes together. Either that or rappers are always finding themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The latest rapper to become a victim of violence is SAS who has a recurring role on the reality show Love & Hip Hop.

The rapper was rushed to the hospital Saturday night (Jul 2) after suffering a bullet wound to the head. Luckily, he is expected to recover from the injuries. He was even able to take to Instagram to keep fans informed. One pic showed dried blood on his pillow and he appeared in high spirits in a follow-up video post.

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“The doctor just told me I got a bullet in the back of my head,” Sas said. “They said I got a thick skull. Y’all pray for me though. I appreciate all the love and support. God got me. Allah got me. I ain’t tripping.”



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