Mavado might be in bigger trouble than we thought.

With overseas engagements, Mavado has yet to report to the Jamaican police even though it has been six days since they listed him as being wanted for questioning.

While the police have been rather tight lipped when it comes to letting the public know if Mavado is wanted as a suspect, a witness or both; a lot of rumors are leaking in the streets. The word on the street is that the police want to speak to Mavado so bad that they were actually talking about going to Florida to nab the deejay and escort him back to Jamaica. The United States and Jamaica has an agreement where the Jamaican Government can request that the United States pick up a wanted person and turn them over to Jamaica.

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The deejay’s attorneys, Tamika Harrison and Peter Champagnie, say such a move would be heavy handed by the Jamaican police has their client have all intentions of returning to Jamaica after fulfilling a previous obligation in the United States.

Mavado is scheduled to perform along with American female rapper Trina at The All-White Affair: Malta’s & Mitch’s birthday party at the Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds this weekend.

“Arrangements are being made for him to come and meet with the police,” Champagnie said. “Mr. Brooks remains a law-abiding citizen and is willing to corporate with the police.”

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Mavado was shot at last week after being involved in an argument with a man. The police report says the man left the scene only to return later with a gun and fired numerous shots at Mavado. The deejay escaped without injuries and reported the incident to the police.

A man was arrested in relation to the shooting. Just hours after this incident, a friend of Mavado called “Gaza Man” was shot and killed.

Mavado who is one of the top dancehall acts in Jamaica has done collaborations with numerous hip hop acts like Nicki Minaj and DJ Khalid.



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