Which deejay should fear Vybz Kartel’s release the most?

Vybz kartel
Vybz kartel

There is a great chance that Vybz Kartel will be a free man before the end of July. While this is good news for dancehall and the fans, it could be bad news for other dancehall artistes.

If Kartel was able to be remain one of the top dancehall artistes while locked behind bars then chances are when he is free, he will be dominating the genre even more.

The funny thing about life is, even though time is infinite, man’s time is like money, it is not infinite. So the more a fan spends on Kartel’s music or attending a Kartel show the less money said fan will have to spend on other artistes’ music and shows.

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So when Kartel demand is sky high, which deejay will suffer as a result?

When every selector is looking to get Kartel’s dub plates, which deejay will be getting less demand for their dub plates? Which deejay will be getting less booking for shows because promoters are only interested in book Kartel?

There are some that think that Alkaline was following in Kartel’s shadow, so will his popularity decrease on Kartel’s freedom. What about Kartel’s former nemesis, Mavado, will he see a drop in his earning power upon Kartel’s release. Then of course there is Kartel’s former protégé, Popcaan, how will he fear with a free Kartel?

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The next few weeks will be both interesting and entertaining times for dancehall.

Share your thoughts and let us know which deejay has the most to lose if Vybz Kartel is free.



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