Munga Honorebel denies he was the driver in an accident that killed a woman.

Munga Honorebel could be joining Vybz Kartel in prison
Munga Honorebel

Munga Honorebel was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Saturday morning that took the life of a Canadian citizen.

Official police report list Munga Honorebel whose real name is Damian Rhoden as the driver of a Toyota Axio that crashed into a Suzuki Vitara on Mandela highway in St. Catherine.

According to the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, the Vitara then crashed into a Hiace bus in which the Canadian woman, identified as 26-year-old Tashana Cumbermack, was travelling. Cumbermack was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the driver and one of his passengers were admitted for treatment.

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Munga Honorebel through his attorney, Christopher Townsend, is denying the claims in the police report. The attorney claims that Munga was not a driver but a passenger siting in the backseat along with the young lady who lost her life.

“They were passengers… and he was wearing his seat belt,” Townsend said.

“…His management is expressing condolences for the loss of life. She was a fan of Munga,” he continued.

Munga Honorebel is currently waiting for a court date to answer to murder charges.

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The deejay rose to fame in 2005 with songs like Bad from mi born, Earthquake and Gangsta Ras.



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