The Jamaican with the #1 song in China.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Jamaica and China
Jamaica and China

The following was written by JER@SBS -The Bearded One of Sleeping Bag Studio.

I know I’d be listening to a whole lot more Reggae in this world if it was being made by Jango Fresh…that much I can tell ya for sure.  For what it’s worth, there are pages upon pages here at this very site of ours that detail how much I’ve struggled to find something I genuinely really like or love within the genre – and I think…I think I might have just found a variation of it I can fully stand behind – I dig this more aggressive spin on the sound laid down by Jango Fresh…it’s a whole lot less Kumbaya & peace & love, and instead, “Call From God” is way more intense, vibrant, lively, and passionate in all the best of ways.

What do I always say around these parts of the internet?  I tell ya, every time, no matter what – if YOU are into the music you’re making, truly – then chances are, I’m gonna be a fan of what you do.  Jango Fresh might be one of the greatest examples of that in action given that they’re workin’ with Reggae vibes and typically I’m at odds with those, yet I love everything I’m hearing in “Call From God.”  So take that to heart y’all – if they can convince me of their awesomeness, it should be no problem at all for you to find your way into this cut from the 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021: ONENESS compilation available now.

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Consider it the hardcore side of Reggae sound…that’s what you’re hearing here, and it completely works!  I love the added edge of their intensity in the thick of real Dancehall vibes – Jango Fresh has put an exceptional twist on the genre through their wild style & cutting edge approach – what you’ll hear on “Call From God” is straight up refreshing, revitalized, and yet still true to the roots of Reggae at its core.  Word on the street is that they’ve got the number-one single in China right now, but they’re still trying to break more ground in the mecca of Reggae, the motherland, Jamaica – c’mon now…no matter what it was you thought you might be reading about at our pages here today, I can safely bet it wasn’t gonna be that right?

I say give’em some time…if the music of Jango Fresh has already made its way over to China, chances are the rest of the world can’t be all that far behind…and with vibes like this crew is capable of, I don’t see anything stopping “Call From God” from reaching coast to coast & landing on every continent soon enough here in 2021.  Think of it this way – they’ve just landed right here on our Canadian-based pages, which already has their music in another country…and I’m confident the journey of this new song will continue around the globe until it has reached us all & Jango Fresh takes over the Reggae scene far & wide around the world.  Join them as they take their dynamic Reggae vibes to the top this year and dig into the celebratory spirit, electrifying energy, and intense verbal rhythms & grooves of Jango Fresh and make sure to check out their brand-new single “Call From God” through the video posted up above for yourself!

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Find Jango Fresh on the 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021: ONENESS record at Apple Music, right here:



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