Mavado beats and teaches Popcaan to stay in his league.

Mavado and Popcaan
Mavado and Popcaan

Mavado must not have gotten the memo that Popcaan cried for peace, waved the white flag and ran from the battle field. If the gully god did get the memo, he must have had some ammunition in store that he does not want to go to waste. So even though Popcaan has retreated, Mavado is continuing his assault and throwing lyrical bombs and grenades at Poppy or as fans now call him, poppy show.

Mavado’s new song Beat and Teach finds him spitting lyrics like:

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Man drive with the AK pon the car seat
Left boy mouth full a concrete
Gully side fight fi years dem done see it
Dem boy deh couldn’t last one week

Of course Vado is alluding to and making fun of how quickly he defeated Popcaan and had him running from the battle field.

In honestly though, Mavado should quit going after Popcaan as the unruly one has gracefully accepted defeat. Instead, Mavado should follow the footsteps of his mentor, Bounty Killer, who once said, “Wi nuh kill duppy, wi mek duppy.”

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Listen the full song below and let us know what you think.



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