Delphine, beyond a concept, an aura.

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Originally from Burgundy, France, Delphine is an artist of a new kind. Enriched by various musical influences since childhood, she carries inside her a federative music filled with universal messages.

Her soul, jazz and reggae footprints gives her a very unique and addictive signature. Her many colors universe, her warm, rich and powerful voice board us on a long trip across the Afro-American rhythms.

Discover Delphine means take a path that leads to stories of lives, explore the power of music and vibrate on cleverly arranged sounds.
Delphine has been able to surround herself with good people to lead her project with conviction and humanity.

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Her single “Music”, is without doubt, the result of a maturity charged of experiences and realized with the best musicians of the moment.


“Music” is a song full of meaningful, whose colors talk about a story experienced by Delphine, in Madagascar off the African coast, in a remote part of the world.

A human adventure full of emotions, where the music takes all its senses to become a single language.

It is the story of a music that takes the color of those who live for her, those who break down the barriers of difference.
The music that brings people together, whatever their origins and cultures, which offers each of them the same wealth, the chance to share the present moment.

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For Delphine, no matter where you come from, where you live and where you are going, the music is all around you and even if you do not like it, the music will always make vibrate your soul.

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