Donald Trump gets more love from the Reggae Community.

Donald Trump 2016
Donald Trump 2016

The say all publicity is good publicity and if there is one commonality in Jamaican music, it is that dancehall artists welcome all publicity. If an artist bleaches his skin and pierce his tongue and these actions garner a lot of publicity then rest assured that another artist will bleach his skin and tattoo his eyes (even if it is fake) in order to gain the same publicity.

So it was no surprise that after all the publicity that Etana got from her support of Donald Trump that other dancehall artists would try to imitate her. Jamaicans have not even stop beating down Etana and 20-percent artist, 80-percent selector, Tony Matterhorn, has thrown himself in the fray singing high praises for the Republican nominee.

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Matterhorn will not be voting for Donald Trump but he supports Trump’s brutal honesty and fully backs the Donald in the building of a wall to keep Mexicans out. “If you are building a house, you don’t want a bag of dutty people a run inna yu yard,” the Dutty Wine singer told a Jamaican tabloid.

The selector went on to point out the hypocrisy of many Jamaicans who have a problem with Donald Trump’s idea of building the wall. “Because Donald Trump is a racist when he says certain things it will come off the wrong way. But everybody who a complain, in Jamaica they build walls to segregate. Jamaicans love build walls until who can’t afford walls build zinc fence. So how you must tell the man that he can’t build walls,” he said.

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Matterhorn even points out what 18 Karat Reggae has said consistently that there are two Jamaica, uptown and downtown; the “Out of many, one people” motto is a farce.
“Some Jamaicans are hypocrites because they love to build walls and separate themselves. Look at the uptowners how dem build walls to segregate people,” Matterhorn lamented.

Matterhorn is not joining the many Jamaicans who are crucifying Etana but the selector did say she should have kept her support of Donald Trump to herself, especially since she tried to portray herself as a pro-Black reggae artist.



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