Spice makes disgusting and desperate attempt to overthrow Ishawna.

Spice and Ishawna
Spice and Ishawna

The dancehall field is a very competitive one and we are seeing that with female artistes Spice and Ishawna. 

Dancehall artists go to extreme measures for attention.  Whether it is skin bleaching, threatening suicide, fake tattoos of the eyes or promoting perverse sex; dancehall artists have taken “All publicity is good publicity” to the extreme.

Ishawna has had the spotlight on her for the last few weeks with her song “Equal rights” which promotes oral sex.  This has made other female dancehall artists jealous of Ishawna getting all the attention and fellow artist, Spice, decided she would pull a stunt to take the spotlight off Ishawna and put it on herself.

The only problem is the stunt that Spice decided to pull was one of deceit, disgrace, desperation and disgust.  The artist actually paid someone to make an attempt at raping her while she performed on stage.   While Spice was doing her usual raunchy performance in France, a supposedly random patron got behind her, pulled down his pants and pretend he was about to penetrate her before he was stopped by security.

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It turned out that all of this was planned just for the sake of publicity.  It would have been a good publicity stunt except that rape is no laughing matter.  The disgusting stunt planned by Spice is a slap in the face to all rape victims as well as victims of other forms of sexual abuse or harassment.

The man who played the part of the sexual deviant as since admitted that it was a stunt and that it was planned between Spice, the actor and spice’s security team.

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While we are all for marketing and marketing stunts in some cases, we can never support a pretend rape.  It is bad enough that dancehall is being blamed for a lot of the violence against women in Jamaica; so for a female dancehall artist to pretend an attempted rape on stage is just despicable.



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