Kanye West denies he is being paid by Donald Trump to be in the presidential race.

Kanye West AKA Koonye West AKA Coonye West
Kanye West AKA Koonye West AKA Coonye West

Kanye West is firmly denying allegations that his presidential campaign is being bankrolled by Donald Trump and other Republican supporters.

On a recent interview on Nick Cannon’s podcast, Koonye West, as he is affectionately called in the Black community try to put a stop that Trump and his racist supporters were the financial backers of the rapper’s campaign.

“People keep on saying I think that y’all, you and Republicans, are in cahoots,” West said. Cannon responded saying that there are people who believe Republicans are “paying you to do what you’re doing to be a distraction” in the upcoming election.

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“Bro, can’t nobody pay me,” West replied. “I got more money than Donald Trump.”



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