Big pharmaceuticals continue to fight Marijuana legalization.

Big pharmaceuticals are fighting to stop marijuana legalization
Big pharmaceuticals are fighting to stop marijuana legalization

In every state where medical or recreational marijuana is legal, prescription drugs manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies have seen a significant drop in their usage. This phenomenon has gotten executives, investors and shareholders very afraid. They are so afraid that they are upping their bribing of politicians to keep marijuana illegal. Just a few weeks ago, Publix supermarket gave millions to keep marijuana illegal.

It may be too late for big money to stop the progress of the marijuana movement; however, the horse has already gone through the gate. A lot of people with certain illnesses have figured out that marijuana is the only answer for their health problems.

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Big pharmaceuticals are not the only one fighting marijuana legalization. Tobacco and Alcohol corporations are also fighting marijuana legalization. They are afraid that marijuana will put a dent in their profit, especially since herb does not carry the health risks that alcohol and tobacco do. In fact, marijuana is a healer.

This November 5 states will have marijuana initiative on their ballots. Should all 5 states legalize marijuana in some capacity; pharmaceuticals can expect to see yet another hit on their bottom line. This has caused them to up their bribing of politicians by more than a third.



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