Marijuana Sex Styles: Which style are you?

marijuana sex
marijuana sex

Every human being tries to define himself and wants to understand why people are different. Because we are wearing different clothes, listening to dissimilar music and express our sexuality by words like: “generic”, “freak”, “explorative”, and “rough”. We have to choose from thousands of marijuana strains the right one in order to satisfy ourselves. For Instance, you should express your bedroom behavior by the strain of marijuana you consume, is it an indica or sativa plant? Is it a blunt or dab? Lots of possibilities!


By smoking blunts, you start slow, but the end you come with a bang. The best thing for smoking blunts is even you can smoke some not quality ganja and still it gets you high. Thus, possibly you are not the most excellent at foreplay, but like a blunt fulfilled of low quality marijuana, you finish strong. If you are a blunt in the bedroom, try to make him/her remembers you as the best one.

Dabs of love

Dabs are passionate, by going to the moon so fast. After that you can pass out. Are you the one who enjoys a sexual sprint instead of a drawn out romantic marathon, and then your third name is “The Dab”. Dabs will just skyrocket your tolerance. Dabs are good for special occasions but not for everyday use.

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Do you “think” you are Big Pimpin like the Jigga man himself? Than this high sativa strain is right for you, which will deeply lift you off your feet like Jay-Z once did to Beyonce. But, there was an issue by consuming this strain people were feeling anxiety and discomfort after enjoying it. Similar to the current woes surrounding the Jay-Z and Beyonce marriage, the Hay-Z’s of the bedroom might leave you full of regret.

Purple Princess

This is a hybrid royal strain, a daughter of Cinderella 99 and Ice Princess. It is for the ones who enjoy the average bedroom experience. Purple princess yells love me by its magnetic purple tones, but with a mild high, you won’t hear her in the next room. Princesses are classy, aren’t they?

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Train Wreck

Train Wreck sativa is so crazy in some cases dangerous. Probably you have already encountered the stereotypical Train Wreck during your sexcapades. This strain defines the ones who spend an hour looking for your underwear when you wake up in the morning, before giving up and going commando, then this strain is you. Assuming, the object of your desire is smart enough to jump off before the ride crashes.

Each strain of cannabis describes a person’s bedroom style. Try to find out which one best defines you, and then make an evaluation. We are sure you would like to be known as a “Train Wreck” or “Hay-Z” type of lover. Please provide us in comments if you have already figured out what kind of strain is you.



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