Geeks are making millions off Marijuana.

Marijuana Geeks
Marijuana Geeks

States that prohibit the use of marijuana are falling like dominoes but there is one problem. The people that suffered the most in terms of police brutality and prison sentences are not the ones cashing in on the economic boom that marijuana has created.

While those who suffered the most under the silly laws that kept marijuana illegal are mostly Black and Brown people, the ones who are making millions off marijuana legalization are mostly white people. As Jamaicans would say, “Donkey say the world nuh level.”

Robert Sherman was a prosecutor in Texas who was responsible for sending numerous people to prison for marijuana possession.

After his children graduated college in 2014, Sherman moved to Colorado with the intention of opening a marijuana business that didn’t involve growing or selling the plant. Yes, the former thought it would be more financially rewarding to get involved with marijuana in a state where it was legal rather than prosecute users of the drug in a state where it was illegal.

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At night, Sherman would stand in his hotel bathroom and blow weed smoke into the toilet bowl to hide the smell. It was an aha moment for the budding entrepreneur, who wondered why he had to be so discreet in a state where recreational marijuana had been legal since 2012. State law prohibits public use of marijuana, and most hotels ban the Schedule I drug.

Later in 2014, Sherman opened the first Bud and Breakfast in a six-bedroom Victorian home. The suites range from $299 to $399 a night, and a reservation includes complimentary “wake and bake” breakfasts, in which bacon, eggs, and waffles are served with a side of ganja.

There’s a strict BYOW (Bring Your Own Weed) policy. While Sherman doesn’t have a license to sell or distribute weed, he offers private spaces to consume it. Located in Denver’s Capital Hill neighborhood, the inn is within walking distance of several dispensaries. A drug paraphernalia bar makes expensive vaporizers and roughly 200 pieces of glass, which can be pipes or bongs, accessible for people coming from states where such products are illegal.

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With business going well, Schneider grew Bud and Breakfast from one location to three in 2016 but the expansion did not go as planned. Later that year, he shuttered the newer inns when one property he leased was sold and the other saw only seasonal business.

In 2017, Sherman brought in over $1 million in revenue.

Most of the people who have had to spent time in prison for marijuana possession could not afford to stay at Sherman’s Bud and Breakfast. These are the breaks in the good old United States.



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