President Obama smoked marijuana at the Bob Marley Museum?

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President Obama at Bob Marley Museum
President Obama at Bob Marley Museum

An employee at the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica has come forward to drop a major bombshell. The employee is claiming that on president Obama’s visit to the island earlier this year, he had a smoke of ganja while checking out the Bob Marley Museum.

According to the employee, reporters were not allowed in the museum. Of the six regular employees of the museum, only one was allowed to be on duty during President Obama’s visit. There were two Jamaican dignitaries, President Obama, the president’s staff of five including part of his security detail; for a total of nine people in the museum. There were a throng of reporters and security details (Jamaican and American) around the perimeter of the museum.

The employee claims that at the end of president’s tour he went to use the restroom while two secret services waited outside the door. Upon the president Obama’s exit of the bathroom, it was clear to everyone in close proximity that he was smoking weed while in the bathroom. “Immediately after him came out the bathroom, everyone in the museum could tell what him was doing in there,” the employee told the Jamaican Gleaner. “The sensimilla smell covered the place like back when Bob Marley lived there,” she added.

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The employee also stated that the previous day when all the security detail was being put in place, she was told by a prominent Jamaican dignitary who was also there during the president’s visit, to make sure that three spliffs of marijuana that was brought to the museum by Bunny Wailer, one of the founding members of Bob Marley and the Wailers, was not touched. At the time she thought the sensimilla was just a show and tell for the president’s tour, as tourists are often shown the sensimilla plant which was Bob Marley’s favorite strain of marijuana.

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When asked if she was shocked to smell the marijuana smoke after the president left the bathroom, she responded, “not really, me wouldn’t be surprised if him smoke marijuana in the white house too.”

So far there have been no words from the Jamaican Prime minister’s office or the white house on this alleged incident. The employee who made the information public continues to be employed at the Bob Marley Museum.



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