Cindy Crawford is Ugly.

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The title is a lie. Cindy Crawford is not ugly. She is a very beautiful lady. She was before her two children and she is beautiful after giving birth. Women don’t lose their beauty after having children. Quite the contrary, after giving birth a woman becomes way more beautiful.

Children are a blessing and blessed are the women who carry them for nine months. Every stretch mark left on a women after giving birth is a symbol of the blessing she brought into the world and the blessing God has bestowed upon her.

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Magazines thinking it is necessary to alter these women photos after childbirth is the real ugliness. There is no need to hide the after effects of carrying a child. Those after effects are not ugliness but beauty in it purest form.

I am gland the untouched Cindy Crawford photo got leaked. Now real women who are not considered “super models” can see that there is nothing to be ashamed of about their post baby bodies. It is just nature. It is just beauty.

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