An old white man laments on minority support for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and James Bird
Hillary Clinton and James Bird

By Sam Shoults

First, I’m an old white man. I’m Independent. Moderate. Served many years in the Army. Fought in Desert Storm. Most of my platoon were Black men. I am not prejudiced against anyone for their color, sex or religion unless they are using those things as an excuse to hurt others.

I just cannot understand why Blacks, Latinos, LGBT or other minorities vote for the Clinton’s. What have they done to improve their lives in America? I have been around long enough to remember that the Clinton’s are two faced liers who say they are going to make things better for minorities, but what have they really done?

Bill Clinton is responsible for the legislation that this very moment is keeping hundreds of thousands of Black men in prison. For what? Any type of crime you can think of has been used to put and keep black men in prison. It’s disgusting. Obama knows this. What has he done to change it? He has the authority with a stroke of the pen to release and pardon anyone imprisoned in America. Where’s his program to revisit these verdicts and release these men? How many has he released in almost eight years?

Hilary is a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood. Don’t Black people understand that is just a ploy to kill black babies before they’re born? How many millions of Black children have and will continue to die? Warren Buffet was sitting behind Hilary the other day at a rally. He’s a big financial supporter of the Clinton’s. Don’t you know that he has been identified as the “anonymous” man who has offered to pay for any abortions of Black women? You believe BlackLivesMatter, so how can you support these evil people who want to keep Black peoples numbers down by killing their children? It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the young people that will never be here.

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Look at every major city in America with a major population of Black young men fighting each other and killing each other daily. Where are the programs to help these young men get jobs? Own a house? Make a life? What has Obama done in eight years? He’s had opportunities to do great things. Why hasn’t he?

As an example, early in his Presidency he felt he had to bail out the ‘too big to fail’ banks. What if instead of just handing over a sack of money to them, which they used to give themselves huge multimillion dollar bonuses, what if he had said to the banks, “Find as many mortgages as you can among poor Americans that are in danger of defaulting and losing their homes. The government will pay you ten cents on the dollar and we will buy up all those mortgages.”

If he had done that, and then GIVEN those mortgage deeds to the home owners FREE OF CHARGE, hundreds of thousands of the poor would be homeowners with no mortgage. They would have had more money to spend and save. They could have opened a small business or otherwise bettered their lives.

But no, he gave the money to the old, rich White men and they kicked the poor out of their homes by the hundreds of thousands. Then the resold or condemned their homes and resold the property.

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Why would a Democrat who is at least half Black do that if he cared about the poor? I don’t understand.

So, now the Democrats are belittling and demonizing Trump. Trump has never been a racist. He was never called one until he ran against the Democrats. He was a Democrat.

He was pro LGBT before Obama or Hilary. Fact. While they were both still saying marriage was between a man and a woman he had already took a pro LGBT stand after attending Elton John’s wedding in 2005.

Trump only is running to make things better for Americans. Hilary has been belittling Trump for having his clothing line made in Mexico. Why? Because America has the highest tax rate for corporation’s in the World. Corporations have left the US because of it, and what has Hilary said recently? She will RAISE the corporate rate HIGHER. This is why there are so many young men unemployed.

Hilary wants to bring in even more refugees. Where will they go? Where are there so many unfilled job openings now they we can support more young workers? It’s baffling to me. Why aren’t they working first to make things better for our young people already here?

Well, I think this meme I posted is true. The Democrats are using people of color to keep them in power, but they really don’t have your best interest in mind.

I hope things do improve for our young people of every color soon. I wish you the best.



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