13 Reasons why women should either be Christians or Atheists.

Women of faith
Women of faith

Unless a woman wants to be subjugated to men all her life, she should become a Christian or remain an atheist.  Below are 13 reasons why if a woman chooses any religion apart from Christianity, she is choosing her own oppression.

1. A Jewish daughter must not be taught Torah, because “the mind of woman is not suited to be taught, but to words of nonsense.” Women are light-minded and have little knowledge.

2.  A Jewish man must say three blessings every day during morning prayers: He thanks God “that He didn’t make me a gentile, that He didn’t make me a woman, that He didn’t make me an ignoramus.” And it’s not proper to speak to a woman too much, since “all her conversation is nothing but words of adultery,” and whoever talks to her too much “causes evil to himself and will end up inheriting hell.”

3.  A husband would do well not to let his wife go outside, into the street,and should restrict her outings “to once or twice a month, as necessary,since a woman has no beauty except by sitting in the corner of her house.”

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4.  “Every woman washes her husband’s face and feet and pours him a cup and prepares his bed and stands and serves her husband. And any woman who refrains from doing any of these tasks that she is obligated to perform – is forced to do them.” Some recommend forcing her with a whip or by starvation “until she gives in.”

5.  Rasta women are seen as queens but their main role it to look after their kings.  In fact it is stated and published that Rita Marley had to server breakfast to Bob Marley and his side chick in bed.

6.  Women are not called to Rastafari except through their husbands.

7.  Women are regarded as housekeepers and child bearers.

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8.  Women must not wear makeup, dress in promiscuous clothing, or use chemicals in their hair.

9.  In Islam, a wife must always obey her husband regardless of what he commands her to do.

10.  In Islam, women do not have the right to terminate a marriage.  Only husbands have the right to ask for adivorce.  If a woman does not like the way she is being treated in a marriage she must change her behavior so that her treatment improves.

11.  A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man.

12.  Islam forbids a woman to wear any suchthing which can divert the attention of men towards her, stuff such asperfumes, makeup, jewels or very fancy clothes.

13.  Muslim women are not allowed to do pray (salah),read Quran, and perform umrah/hajj or fast during menstruation



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