Arabs are better dancers than Jamaicans?

Arabs Dancing
Arabs Dancing

What if I told you that a group of middle-aged men from the Middle East and some young people from Jamaica were going to do a dance off to a dancehall song; who would you think the winner would be? Right away, you are thinking the Jamaicans would win, right? After all, they are young, they are regulars on the Jamaican dancehall scene and most importantly, it is a dancehall beat.

Well, 18 Karat Reggae set up the dance off competition with video clips of the Middle Eastern men and dancers at Uptown Mondays in Kingston, Jamaica dancing to Harry Toddlers hit song “Middle East (Tonight)”, then ask viewers to vote on who were dancing better to the song. A whopping 98% of the responses said the Middle Eastern men did a way better job. What a shame for the Jamaican dancers! I don’t know which is worse; Wiz Khalifa killing Popcaan in a soundclash or Middle Eastern men beating Jamaicans in a dancehall song dance off.

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All right, let us be fair, we did not give the full story. The dance actually came before the song. There was a video floating around on the internet of some Middle Eastern men dancing, Harry Toddler then made a song around the dancing on the video and now Jamaicans are dancing like the men in the video. Therefore, it was not like a group of Middle Eastern men, a group of Jamaicans partying at uptown Monday and Boom Boom just played a random song, and the two groups face off against each other. In that scenario, the Jamaicans would win with ease.

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Still you would expect a little more from the Jamaicans, I was expecting them to make the dance better than the original. Well, at least everyone seems to be having fun moving his or her feet to the song. Check out the video of the dance off below and see if you agree that the Middle East men are dancing better than the Jamaicans are.



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