Stephen Marley claims talent and hard work is why the Marleys win so many Grammys.

Stephen Marley
Stephen Marley

This has to be the joke of the day or Stephen thinks everybody who listen reggae music are idiots. The son of the reggae king says it is talent and hard why the Marleys have won so many Grammys and people who claim otherwise are haters, this drivel comes from a person who released and album and won a Grammy, then released the acoustic version of the same album two years later and won a Grammy for it again. Both the original album and the acoustic albums were average at best, at least when compare to classic albums from people like Beres Hammond, Capleton, Sizzla, Buju Banton and so many other reggae greats.
When asked why the Marleys always win the Reggae Grammy he gave an answer that some find classic but it was rather cocky, braggadocios and stupid.

“Whe yu do from Bolt inna de race?” Stephen Marley asked.

It is difficult to believe that Stephen believes that any of the Marley Boys are to reggae music what Usain Bolt is to track and field. Usain Bolt wins races because he is the fastest man in the world not because he is his daddy’s son. I tried to fool myself into believing that the best album from one of the Marley Boys was better than the worst album from Beres Hammond, it did not work.

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Stephen Marley went on to say:

“I mean, like our work speak fi itself. An we nah try impress no one or nutten like dat. Yu hear Gong say when yu hungry, bway dem make yu brother be yu enemy. Me no waan get drawn into dem kinda vibes whe all ones whe yu look up to an suppose to a commend and help along, yu feel like yu inna position fi compete, so yu haffi defend yourself.

Me no inna dat. An we know we no make music fi trophy, we know dat, outta yu integrity an yu heart. But at the same time, we know the work an experience whe we put inna de music an’ no guy can take dat from we either. So no, I don’t think the Grammy is biased. Definitely I think we deserve every accolade whe we get.”

No guy can’t take that from you? Last time I check, there was no one trying to take anything from a Marley. In fact, if you ask Aston “Family Man” Barrett who took from whom, you might get a very interesting answer.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time,” the Marleys cannot continue to fool people into believing that they are the best that reggae has to offer. It is questionable if Bob was the greatest but there is no doubt that the Marley Boys are not currently the best in reggae.

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The fact that a below average artist as Ziggy Marley has won 7 awards is not only a disgrace but is very damaging to reggae music. Potential fans will actually believe that Ziggy is the best reggae has to offer because of his numerous Grammy Awards, then hearing his less than average music will let them not want to try the true greats in the music like Beres Hammond, Capleton, Sizzla, I-Wayne, Buju Banton, Tarrus Riley and others.

No one hates on the Marleys but for them to tell these boldface lies that it is all about talent and not honest is very dishonest.

If you count all the Grammys won by the Marleys, you would think they are as great as their father was; the truth is, however, not a single one of the Marley Boys belong in the reggae top ten.



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