Dancehall Artist Macka Diamond ~ Caught up in Love Triangle

Macka Diamond might just be way to old for this kind of drama but anyhow, the veteran dancehall artiste has caught fire from “JA Luxury Doll” who has accused the “dye dye” deejay of trying to interfere with her and Spotlight’s relationship.

‘Ja Luxury Doll’ recently unleashed a verbal attack against Macka Diamond, after a video surfaced with the female deejay and Spotlight sharing an ice cream cone.

Luxury Doll stated the following: “Mi a come a Jamaica come tear off piece a yuh goddamn face. Spotlight don’t want you. Me hear say him spend US$2,200 pon clothes fi yuh do video, but you nah get a dollar more you tired, ratchet, fake, old b…h. A rob you a try rob a cradle? Yuh face fava when flowers pot mash…yuh old, yuh heel back a rub, yuh a almost 50, get a life b…h!”

In response, Macka Diamond, who is in the midst of promoting “Prove It”, her collaboration with Spotlight clapped back as follows: “Come face me nuh! You think me fraid a you and what you a say Internet bad gyal … kmt.

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Macka Diamond is clearly not threatened by Ja Luxury Doll’s statement and had no intention of ending the friendship between Spotlight and her. She views Spotlights fiancé as merely insecure. She confirmed her and Spotlight dated awhile back underscoring “Prove It” is not their first collaborative effort. If you recall Spotlight was featured as Mackas leading man in “Bun Him“.

It turns out a shopping spree did occur and Macka indicated it was a well-deserved shopping spree in the days leading up to the making of the music video.

“Yes, him haffi spend the money because when gal good, gal good. Him have to spend his money because me treat him like how a real woman should. The time she take a trace, she go should a try learn a ting or two from me,” the entertainer said.

However, yesterday, Spotlight decided to break his silence, saying that he was trying to mend the relationship between him and his fiancÈe.

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“My girl know say a long time me and Macka a roll, and we did have a little ting going, so now that she go see the likkle clippings, and a it make she a roll so. She go do ‘detective’ work and find some credit card receipts and it chip her head even more. She a swear blind say she a come a Jamaica, but all a dat nuh necessary, so me just deh here a try calm her dung,” he said.

He maintains he and Macka Diamond’s relationship is strictly platonic and professionally.

Only the 3 involved knows what’s really going on but it’s not uncommon for spouses of artists to lash out in this way. Hopefully, they can get a grip and quell the unproductive drama.



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