Mr. Vegas disses Popcaan, Gully Bop and Amari.

Mr. Vegas has released a video for his new song “Own Leader” and it is obvious and clear who is lyrical fury is aimed at.

Maybe dancehall reggae is about to be nice again like back in the 90s when Bounty Killer and Beenie Man were at the top of the game.

Mr. Vegas makes fun of a certain female artist who he says his calling up his name when she is not even his type. While Vegas did not call anyone’s name in the song, it is obvious from the video that he is talking about the girlfriend of Gully Bop, Amari.

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The video’s most potent shot, however, is at Popcaan who is portrayed as a maid for the rapper Drake. The video shows a Popcaan look-a-like waiting outside a bathroom door with toilet paper while a Drake look-a-like is using the bathroom.

With all the recent songs of artists dissing each other, reggae dancehall might get exciting again as long as it is kept on a lyrical level.



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